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Durable Copy Activation Code Full Version

Durable Copy Activation Code Full Version

Windows 2003, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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Durable Copy is a new application which allows you to copy files containing unreadable sectors.

For clear idea we are giving here two examples. For instance, you have got a CD or DVD with a certain interesting movie. You wish to watch this movie but can't do it because the disk contains unreadable sectors, and it is read badly.

At that, your computer either reads this disk not properly or can't read only some sectors in it. At a time when broken sectors draw near, then depiction begins to be very unsteady. Surely, your pleasure from viewing the movie disappears.

You wish you were able to copy this movie to your computer' hard disk and to watch the movie from there but, for example, some files somewhere in the middle of this disk are not read totally. In this case, the Durable Copy would be useful for you.

And here is another example on which cases you can use the Durable Copy. You have got backup copies of your important text files but a certain part of your archives is unreadable, unfortunately.

Moreover, all programs which usually work with broken files refuse to work with your backup copies because of these files are physically damaged. Again, the Durable Copy can help you because it is destined for reading physically damaged files precisely.

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