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DVMP Pro 7.5 Crack + License Key Updated

DVMP Pro Crack + License Key Updated

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DVMP Pro in an all-in-one video player and converter specifically designed to work with DV videos. It can load AVCHD, HDV and DV media, as well as MOV, MP4, and MPEG-2 files, providing timestamping and metadata extraction capabilities.

As far as looks is concerned, the player's interface is not impressing. Focusing on simplicity, it only comprises basic playback controls (play, pause, stop, forward frame, jump to scene) and volume adjustment bar. However, when it comes to functionality, DVMP Pro might surprise many.

First of all, it deploys an integrated DV capturing tool, which enables you to export video streams from your camrecorder directly to AVI format, previewing images as you go. Furthermore, it can take snapshots of frames in the loaded video and save resulting images locally.

One of the easiest way to timestamp your camrecorder videos is DVMP Pro, which automatically extracts details about the recording date and time of the clip, displaying it in a visible section.

It can also act as a metadata editor, enabling you to view the exposure settings, the aperture, the shutter speed, GPS coordinates , image stabilizer, white balance, and other relevant details.

Additional options enable you to extract the audio stream, the metadata information, the subtitles and the GPS tracks. Furthermore, it's possible to split DV AVI files and convert input DV videos to other formats.

The feature set of DVMP Pro is more than enough to meet anyone's DV video manipulation needs. Video playback, timestamping, metadata editing and exporting, file conversion, GPS geotagging support, and DV capturing make up a comprehensive toolset for working with DV clips. And its batch processing capabilities make it possible for you to apply settings to multiple videos simultaneously.

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keygen के लिए DVMP Pro के लिए धन्यवाद


keygen के लिए DVMP Pro के लिए धन्यवाद

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