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DX Toolbox 6.2.1 Crack + Activation Code Download 2021

DX Toolbox Crack + Activation Code Download 2021

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DX Toolbox has been designed for radio aficionados that need a tool that can retrieve information about the solar and geomagnetic conditions affecting radio wave propagation.

The application can run by simply double-clicking on the executable file; a simple interface launches, showing details about the solar flux and the magnetic field.

These details are fit for the location entered in the configuration panel, so the first step is to provide the current latitude and longitude coordinates in order to increase the accuracy of the information.

Additional customization can be carried out by entering the UTC offset and by enabling alarms for the K-Index and X-ray values.

Apart from the info about the phenomena that can influence radio transmission the application also includes various graphs for solar winds, magnetic field, proton and electron flux and the planetary Kp-index.

All the data is retrieved from reliable sources, such as the Space Weather Prediction Center, UMLCAR and others, as soon as it becomes available.

Users have at their disposal a wide spread of maps that can help determine the radio conditions. The set includes a propagation map, D layer absorption (influences high frequencies), an aurora map along with aurolal and propagation related images (these may take a while to load).

DX Toolbox is rich in options and makes available a comprehensive set of information that can help a radio aficionado determine future conditions for radio communication.

By relying on reputable sources and providing the details in various windows it becomes one-stop tool for accessing info about weather conditions and what could influence communication via radio.

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