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Easy Audio Recorder 3.2 Crack With Serial Key Latest 2024

Easy Audio Recorder Crack With Serial Key Latest 2024

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Download Easy Audio Recorder [Crack]

Just like its name suggests, Easy Audio Record is an application supposed to provide a very simple way to record audio content on your computer.

Although it's meant to be easy to use, you shall understand that it's quite a powerful software solution just by looking on the spec list, as it can record sounds from several sources, including microphones, online radio, audio CDs, Skype and many others.

The interface adopts the same user-friendly approach as the rest of the program, so you get a well-organized look with intuitive options that enable you to pick the sound card, which is actually the sound source, the mixer and volume.

The rest of the main window is mostly focused on configuration options, which means you can also detect silence and adjust silence level, while also being required to input the name of the output file.

As for the supported formats, Easy Audio Record works with the most popular extensions on the market, including WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AU, AIFF, MP4 and FLAC. Of course, each of these formats comes with its very own pack of settings, so you can also adjust several parameters for a better sound quality.

Easy Audio Record is far from being a resource hog and this is quite an important thing, especially when taking into account that it can be safely used on older computers as well. Plus, it has no problem to work with any Windows versions, including XP and 7.

The conclusion is rather simple: Easy Audio Record does what it says with minimum effort, basic configuration options and a straightforward interface.

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