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Easy Image Compressor & Resizer Crack + License Key

Easy Image Compressor & Resizer Crack + License Key

Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


Download Easy Image Compressor & Resizer [Crack]

Easy Image Compressor & Resizer helps users easily compress and resize images via a straightforward layout. Batch actions are on the feature list.

Right when you decide to boot the application, two options are available to you: the 'drag-and-drop' support and 'search' mode. Both of them are essential in your line of work with this program.

The first helps you select whatever images you have for compression using a drag-and-drop method, while the second searches for desired pictures inside your computer and LAN.

There isn't much this tool offers, except a powerful Windows shell integrated search engine and some basic resizing features. However, this simplicity is exactly what people need.

Based on a step-by-step approach, users can choose the folders where the program looks for pictures to compress, and then select the target files manually. Easy Image Compressor & Resizer works with several file formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, and PNG, while the level of compression and image resizing parameters are pretty flexible.

Compression modes can vary from 'lossy' to 'lossless,' and image resizing options let you change settings from 'none' to 'large.' User can manually input the width and height of the picture in case a resizing task with an increased level of customization is needed.

More information is shown regarding the compression progress which includes data about the original and new image size, together with the compression percentage. What’s more, the utility allows you to employ batch actions in order to process multiple photos at the same time.

Simplicity is the key about this program. Making use of a wizard-based setup process, Easy Image Compressor & Resizer is an excellent and user-friendly application. All you have to do is to select the desired pictures and tweak a minimal amount of settings to help you compress photos quickly and accurately.

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