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EasyBanner Flash 5.0 Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

EasyBanner Flash Crack + Serial Key (Updated)

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If you work as a web designer, you probably receive various requests, which include layouts, themes, logos and banners. While there are plenty of applications that can help you design most of the content above, creating animated banners can prove to be rather challenging without the proper tool.

One of the applications that can help you accomplish this is EasyBanner Flash.

This program allows you to easily develop your desired content, as it comes with an uncomplicated design and easy-to-understand functions. However, it does not provide you with any form of help guide in case you encounter any difficulty, other than an overview of its functions.

The main window comes with a Text tab and an Animation one that you can easily switch between. No additional configuration menu is provided within the application, whatsoever. Furthermore, you can only open EBBF (software-specific) files.

The Text tab allows you to create banners for your website in an easy and convenient way, by modifying general look settings, such as colors or borders, and typing your desired text in the designated fields.

Text can be customized in terms of font, style, size, position and animation effect. Additionally, you can toggle between two or three text fields that the animation displays alternatively.

You can access the Animation tab mentioned above, but note that it only provides you with a Speed slider bar that you can adjust, according to your needs.

After adjusting your settings, you can view your work by hitting the dedicated Preview button. In addition, this application allows you to export your content to Flash files, so that you can easily upload them to your website.

In conclusion, EasyBanner Flash can help you quickly create animated Flash banners for your website, although you might need medium PC skills, as this application provides you with no user guide whatsoever.

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