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EasyPatch 2001 Builder Crack + Activation Code Download 2024

EasyPatch 2001 Builder Crack + Activation Code Download 2024

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Download EasyPatch 2001 Builder [Crack]

AxTools EasyPatch is a utility program that can be used to build and apply patches to single or multiple files. Since the patch includes only the binary differences between two versions of a file (or files), it means that you can greatly simplify your software distribution system by providing the latest updates to your users much quicker and with minimum costs.

EasyPatch 2001 Builder it lets you to build patches and apply them to single or multiple files.

Here are some key features of "EasyPatch":

■ You can update files or entire file distributions by asking your customers to download/install only the binary differences that are packaged inside a single, self-applying patch file.

■ For maximum cost effectiveness, the binary difference data is also compressed inside the patch file.

■ View the files to be updated in a tree structure that resembles the real structure on the destination computer.

■ Point-and-click to add/edit items, edit patch properties and launch actions.

■ Test the patch consistency and highlight faulty items for easy fix-up

■ Automatically generate folder differences and mix the results with file-by-file additions for fine tuning.

■ The patching process can update, add or delete files on the destination computer, performing COM registration/unregistration when configured so.

■ You can access files at virtually any location on the destination computer by using a set of predefined directory constants like {app}, {programfiles}, {win}, {sys}, {fonts} etc.

■ The patch file that will be distributed - the EasyPatch Update Wizard - has an elegant Windows Installer-like user interface that guides your customer during the update process.

■ The Update Wizard can be built in multiple languages. The currently supported languages are Dutch, English, French, German and Italian.

■ The Update Wizard keeps an update log so that it can rollback the changes it makes. It will even perform an automatic rollback if update errors occurred and you have specified that a partial update is not allowed.

■ The customer can safely cancel the update process at any time, and the Update Wizard will restore the initial state of the system.

■ If configured so, backups and an operation log can be written to the destination computer.


■ 14 days trial

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