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eDonkey Acceleration Patch 7.1.0 Crack With Activator Latest

eDonkey Acceleration Patch Crack With Activator Latest

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Download eDonkey Acceleration Patch [Crack]

eDonkey Acceleration Patch is a very easy to use application designed to optimize the Internet connection and boost the downloads you make with the popular eDonkey file sharing tool.

The interface of the program is just basic and there are zero chances to get lost in there once you launch it. There are only a few buttons available, together with a separate panel for statistics.

You can thus start acceleration or stop it, launch eDonkey and minimize to tray the application, while the right side of the main window is being used to see the connection type, connection status, connected time and total sent and received bytes.

Other than that, eDonkey Acceleration Patch has only a single configuration option that allows you to pick the network interface you're using in case multiple adapters are installed on your system.

Since everything's so easy to use, there's no help file included in the standard package, which means we have no information on the way the program attempts to accelerate downloads. Still, we do know that eDonkey Acceleration Patch tries to find more sources at regular intervals, while also automatically resuming paused downloads.

Of course, the impact on computer performance is minimal, as the application remains very light on hardware resources all the time. It works just fine on any Windows workstation, without the need for administrator privileges.

Overall, eDonkey Acceleration Patch works without a glitch, but don't expect it to do wonders. And pay attention to the installer, it also attempts to drop some unnecessary software on your computer.

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