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Ekahau HeatMapper 4.8 Build 8402.21202 Crack & Serial Key

Ekahau HeatMapper Crack & Serial Key

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Ekahau HeatMapper is an intuitive and practical application designed for laptop computers, as a means of helping you identify the location in your home or office that has the strongest wireless signal.

The program is sufficiently simple to understand and handle, provided that your machine has a wireless network adapter (both internal and external devices work), in order to allow it to detect your WiFi signal.

While the tool performs best when you are using a floor plan (for your house, apartment or office), it can work just fine without one, by detecting the wireless signal when performing a survey of your environment.

During the survey, it is recommended that you start taking a slow walk carrying your laptop throughout the surface of the room or floor you are trying to have mapped, and right-click every time you stop moving so that Ekahau HeatMapper can successfully identify and combine all your movements the gathered data into a set of access points.

Upon completion of the survey, the utility will display the discovered wireless access points on your map, offering an image that comprises them all. It creates a colored map ranging from 'heated' (redish in color) to more 'cool' (green) areas, depending on the strength of the WiFi signal in that particular location in your house or office.

The generated heatmap can be saved to your computer using the 'Take a Screenshot' button, that will grab a picture of the map and export it to a PNG file. This way, if you want, you can share the image with family members or co-workers, so they too can know which is the best spot when needing to work online.

Despite seeming limited in terms of functionality, Ekahau HeatMapper can prove quite helpful in determining your wireless signal strength, allowing you to find the best position for yourself and your laptop.

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