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Enosoft DV Processor 2021.1 (16.1.11108.7206) Crack & Serial Number

Enosoft DV Processor Crack & Serial Number

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Download Enosoft DV Processor [Crack]

Enosoft DV Processor is a deceptively powerful software for processing your DV footage.

Monitor the critical features of your video and audio to ensure the highest quality recording. Professional features such as audio and video vectorscopes, a waveform monitor, peak program audio meters and a 1:1 video monitor, ensure your AV equipment is correctly set up.

Real-Time Video and Audio Processing - During or After Recording

Correct white balance problems or boost weak audio in real-time while recording to disk. Alternatively, correct previous recordings while they are being sent to an external camcorder or deck.

Synchronized MultiCam Recording

Record from multiple sources at the same time. The recordings can be synchronized to save time later when editing with your multicam NLE software. Use the software on a network and, from a single location, make perfectly synchronized recordings from cameras located in different places.

Device-To-Device Processing - No Need To Capture To Disk First

You're not tied to your hard disk. Apply the full power of the software to DV signals without even having to capture to disk! Simply insert the computer between two DV devices and use it like a standalone AV processor.

Everything takes place in the native DV signal domain - something only found in hardware costing $1000s. Device-to-device processing will free you from many hours of capturing, NLE processing and sending back to your external video equipment.

Just-In-Time Output

Apply certain effects to video at the time that you send it from the computer to your external video equipment. This means that you can use your NLE software to create your edited video just once but be able to record different versions. For example, if you produce widescreen videos, you can record the widescreen version and, then, without having to re-render the entire video, record a letterboxed version.

Likewise, you can watermark to your videos, add timecode information (such as for making dailies) or channel-brand them.

Here are some key features of "Enosoft DV Processor":

■ Audio Proc Amp functionality

■ Implemented "over" function for audio bar meters

■ Embedded data processing - change recording date, time, timecode, CGMS flags, aspect ratio flags, add User Bits, scene detection.

■ Implemented Save/Load - saves window layouts, processor settings etc; Supports drag-and-drop


■ SSE2-capable 32-bit processor


■ 30 day trial

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