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e!Sankey Pro 5.2.1 Rev. 0 Crack Plus Serial Number

e!Sankey Pro Crack Plus Serial Number

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e!Sankey is a flow chart designer specialized in creating Sankey diagrams, commonly used for representing cost, energy or material transfers. The application features a forthright editor that enables you design intelligible and compelling diagrams that can be used in projects and presentations.

The diverse collection of templates that you can choose from offers you a starting point for creating your own design. Among these you can find traffic representations, gas, energy, heat loss, fuel and cost diagrams.

The tab-based interface allows you to work on multiple projects at the same time, while the 'preview' function offers you an overview of the entire sketch. Representations can include various geometrical shapes, locally stored images and text boxes for additional explanations or comments.

e!Sankey enables you to generate diagram legends and scale boxes. You can add processes into your sketches and assign them representative images or labels.

Arrows can be used for connecting different elements, with extra options for customizing their appearance. You can change the arrow head type, the curviness and add labels, as well as color arrows in gradient to symbolize process intensity and making the diagram more appealing.

e!Sankey features importing and exporting capabilities, automatic calculation of absolute values and percentages, as well as support for multiple unit types.

The well-structured working environment makes the application fairly easy to use, but if you get stuck at any moment, the displayed hints can help you get through every problem. The application can prove to be a handy application for engineers, logistics or financial analysts who want to evaluate the efficiency of a production system, as well as students.

Whether you start by modifying an existing template or want to create a project from scratch, e!Sankey assists you in creating professional-looking Sankey diagrams. Its feature set is enough to represent flow quantities in a stylish, yet comprehensible manner.

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