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Etlin HTTP Proxy Crack + Keygen (Updated)

Etlin HTTP Proxy Crack + Keygen (Updated)

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Download Etlin HTTP Proxy [Crack]

Using one computer to share the web connection with other systems is still a cool gimmick. Etlin HTTP Proxy is one solution to creating an HTTP proxy server that can be used to allow web connectivity to other computers on the network.

At a first glance the application does not seem like a powerful tool as the main screen features only the possibility to start or stop the server and a door to the configuration panel.

Setting Etlin HTTP Proxy up is where the versatility and flexibility of the program resides as there are plenty of options for customizing how other stations interact with the server machine.

The program includes options that restrict connectivity to the server based on IP or on a username and password.

It allows the use of a SOCKS5 server for establishing TCP outgoing connections or for running the connection through another HTTP proxy server.

Further customization of the server refers to enabling tunneling support and restricting them to the SHTTP port; although using SHHTP (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is designed as a security measure, it is inferior to HTTPS because only the message benefits from encryption, not the entire session.

Control over the limits of the server can also be imposed. As such, Etlin HTTP Proxy enables setting a maximum number of allowed connections and bandwidth limits for each connection.

Once the Etlin HTTP Proxy is running the administrator can see the port it is active on along with additional information about the uptime, number of connections or number of requests. Also available is the total amount of data throughput, complete with transfer speed.

Etlin HTTP Proxy is not complicated and it is quite versatile as far as functionality is concerned. However, the need it covers applies only in isolated cases as most users have other, more efficient means to distribute the Internet connection to multiple machines.

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