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Excel Password Recovery 2.0.8 Crack + License Key Updated

Excel Password Recovery Crack + License Key Updated

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Download Excel Password Recovery [Crack]

Excel Password Recovery is a practical tool that can come to your aid when you forget the password for an Excel file that contains important information. Since most of the time the information is not backed up, this app intends to save you time by finding the exact password for you.

The program is very easy to use, as a wizard-like interface guides you through all the necessary steps for retrieving the countersign. In order to reach your goals the app offers the possibility to instantly decrypt the information by using the online service. In case of success, the result should be an unprotected Excel file that contains a sample of the original information.

Another approach is to "hack" the document based on details you can remember. The wizard asks you to provide the known characters and the attack profile that should be used. A list of presets offers all the options in this sense.

After you have specified the decryption parameters the program attempts to guess the password by entering all the possible combinations according to the chosen attack type. This is a process that takes up a lot of CPU time but the impact on the computer performance was not noticeable.

The program can process multiple documents by loading all the Excel files from a specified folder. This function can filter the files by file extension and by the encryption level. When you process multiple files you can take advantage of the Password Cache that automatically stores the recovered passwords.

Before using the application you should perform a benchmark test in order to view the efficiency of your computer. Recovering a password can take a lot of time and it is better to use this program on a computer that can process as many combinations as possible.

In our tests the online recovery was accurate and the brute force attack method returned the expected result without having to change the program's default parameters. If you have important information locked into an Excel file you can unlock it by using Excel Password Recovery.

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