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Excelsior JET for Windows 10.5 Crack Plus Keygen

Excelsior JET for Windows Crack Plus Keygen

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Excelsior JET is a comprehensive and useful utility for Java applications that can protect, deploy and accelerate the programs you create. The product package includes Excelsior JET Optimizer, Excelsior JET Runtime and Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit.

The JET Optimizer enables you to convert your application's classes and jars into optimized x86 (IA-32) code on the developer's system. As a result, you get high performance native executables for Microsoft Windows or Linux.

The produced native code is highly resistant to reverse engineering and tampering. The JET Runtime includes the Java SE API and provides all low-level Java routines which the optimized executables need to run such as garbage collection.

Excelsior JET Optimizer and Runtime are certified for compliance with the specification of the Java platform, Standard Edition (Java SE), versions 6 and 5.0. If you want to distribute your application to a number of clients, you use the Installation Toolkit to prepare an installation package including your optimized Java application and the JET Runtime engine.

Your clients simply install the package and start using your application. Additional software installation, such as the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), is not required on target systems.

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