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Exchange Server Toolbox 6.1.3 Build 1302 Serial Key Full Version

Exchange Server Toolbox Serial Key Full Version

Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008, Windows 2003


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Taking care of your email messages can be very demanding and stressful sometimes, due to the fact that you cannot completely block spam messages or other treats to your email account.

Exchange Server Toolbox helps you add some extra security to your web mailbox by processing incoming emails. It gets ntegrated as a Microsoft Exchange Server plugin and, using the SMTP service, filters any incoming email by a set of user-defined rules.

The application features an advanced spam filter that blocks most unsolicited emails. The spam filter relies on a wide range spam recognition tools, such as blacklists, Bayes filters and statistical rules.

The program's spam protection can be “trained” to filter emails, by changing email processing rules, which vary from regular expressions encountered to email address blacklisting.

Furthermore, Exchange Server Toolbox utilizes the built-in antivirus software to scan any incoming email for viruses and other malicious files. Every email processing is saved to a detailed event log, giving users the possibility to analyze every blocked message and tune up the spam filter for better performance.

You can use Exchange Server Toolbox to create backups of your email messages, thus ensuring that no data is lost. Whether you want to save the email backup on your computer or export it to a database, Exchange Server Toolbox will help you throughout the whole process.

Your backups are secure, because the application creates electronic signatures for every file. The archives are indexed, so searching through the backup database is quick and easy.

Taking everything into account, Exchange Server Toolbox helps you easily secure your email content by blocking any unwanted or virus-infected email or by creating secured email backups. You will receive only important and relevant messages, whilst the spam emails will be blocked and unable to distract you from your work.

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