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eXPressor Crack Plus License Key

eXPressor Crack Plus License Key

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eXPressor allows you to compress executable files in order to save disk space and to easily distribute your applications. It aims to reduce the size of the file while preserving its functionality.

Weather you are distributing your applications by using the Internet or physical disks, the size is an important factor which can influence the costs and the accessibility of your software. Using a compression tool and optimizing the source code are the most important methods to control the size of the final product.

The eXPressor application aims to reduce the executable size by removing the unused space from the package. It is designed to scan the file content, optimize its structure and save the new file in the same location as the original.

Since compressing an executable is a delicate operation, the program does not overwrite the original which allows you to continue using it when an error occurs. You can view the process statistics, test the package and overwrite the original from the results window.

The program can also be used to protect the executable in order to prevent other users to access its functions or code. If you want to restrict the access to certain features or generate a time limited trial, the application can generate access keys based on the RSA algorithm.

You can also generate the keys by using a unique machine ID which only authorizes the usage on a certain computer.

Although the program is designed for developers and programmers which are often familiar with the compression tools, it includes an extensive documentation that helps new users familiarize with the interface.

In our test the application successfully processed executable files and optimized their size. However, the operation sometimes generated a corrupted file that could not be used which emphasizes the importance of the software backup.

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