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eXtreme Music Manager Crack Plus Keygen

eXtreme Music Manager Crack Plus Keygen

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eXtreme Music Manager is an advanced and efficient piece of software fashioned to aid you in managing and organizing your entire music database.

The setup process of eXtreme Music Manager is uneventful and smooth, allowing you to quickly access the application.

When you run the utility, you come face to face with a neatly disposed layout constituted of multiple windows docked on each side of the main workspace.

From the main menu bar, you can intuitively access various options and features, thanks to the lively colored icons.

With eXtreme Music Manager, you can organize your entire music collection into an advanced database, allowing you to categorize all your songs and albums into various lists.

When adding information to a specific artist or song, you can specify a vast array of details, such as the date of birth, the status of the band, the biography, discography, awards, internet links and addresses, and you can also add image files of the artist.

The files can be automatically categorized by the frequency and bitrate, allowing you to easily find the quality versions of your audio tracks stored on your computer.

In case you cannot find cover photos or maybe other information about your song, but you still wish to have a complete database, you can use the auto-updater feature to find the info you are looking for on the Internet.

The built-in audio player of the application displays these song details during playback of the specific audio file, allowing you to quickly get insightful information about the current song.

With so many useful features and an intuitive and comprehensible interface, eXtreme Music Manager proves to be an inspired solution for those who need to manage and organize their entire music collection in an efficient manner.

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