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Extreme Thumbnail Generator Crack Plus Keygen

Extreme Thumbnail Generator Crack Plus Keygen

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Extreme Thumbnail Generator is a reliable and straightforward application designed to help you easily create and share photo galleries.

Although you cannot resize the main window of the application, nor change its chromatic theme, Extreme Thumbnail Generator comes in a neatly organized layout that allows you to easily access and operate its features.

The intuitive icons of the most important functions will help you easily identify the features you wish to access.

The application comes with a vast array of templates for you to chose from and use in your project, in order to create unique galleries.

In case you want something different than the standard templates, you can edit them as you wish with the built-in template editor.

Another useful feature of Extreme Thumbnail Generator is the capability to quickly add description to your image files.

You can select each picture and then enter a short description to be added to the image. Also, a longer description can be attached to your photo as well.

Once you input the text in the built-in editor, it is automatically converted to HTML code, making the entire process of sharing the gallery online much easier.

The application allows you to run a batch process of automatically generating thumbnails for all the loaded files. The newly generated thumbnails can be disposed in a sub-folder of the pictures directory.

The images can be resized autmatically to fit the resolution you need in order to upload them to your website.

Also, when modifying or generating new versions of your files, you can create a backup folder to be stored in a sub-directory.

Extreme Thumbnail Generator proves to be an intuitive and efficient solution for quickly creating and sharing photo galleries, due to its simple and organized layout and also, to its advanced features for generating thumbnails.

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