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ezProxy 2.9.1 Crack & Serial Key

ezProxy Crack & Serial Key

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ezProxy is a money-saving utility for home and enterprise use. It allows an entire network access to the Internet with only one Internet account. ezProxy also provides an integrated firewall which protects valuable information on the network.

ezProxy supports Internet connections of nearly any type. ezProxy is easily configured for use with many popular programs such as Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer, Eudora, Icq and FTP programs, RealAudio and many, many more.

It supports internet connections of nearly any type, including broadband and works with many popular programs, such as Netscape, Internet Explorer, Eudora, Icq/AIM, FTP programs, RealAudio and any other software that supports proxy connections (most of them do these days).

ezProxy offers several advanced features including bandwidth balancing, remote control and a password protected user interface. You can specify rules for all users or define custom rules and restrictions for individual users. Rules can be saved as policies and applied as needed.

Note : The evaluation version of ezProxy supports 2 users and can be freely used without expiration limit.

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