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EZRecorder 1.1 Build 45 Crack & Serial Key

EZRecorder Crack & Serial Key

Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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EasyRecord lets you record just about any audio that plays through your Windows computer. Simply install this software, turn it on and then all sound played on or through the PC will be recorded as WMA, MP3, OGG or AAC files. All audio will be grabbed directly from the playing applications so you will get the best digital quality.

. From the beginning it should be pointed out that it is a leading-edge software having some strong features. First of them is the ability of playing already recorded sound, while the recording process is going on. It's useful when you're recording some important web broadcasting or an Internet radio and you want to listen again what was played some minutes ago.

Second main advantage is an original technology, which allows to record sound directly from the sound card, so it brings high quality of recorded sound. Every sound that is played on your computer now is under control. It is easy to start record and grab all sounds of gaming process, while playing games. Or when surfing through web and hearing lovely melody you want to save it – then grab it with EzRecorder.

his software enables to safely record and save all business and other private voice conversations using this software. Another application of this software is recording from external devices - guitars, microphones, tape recorders. It's suitable feature for making own records of guitar playing or karaoke singing. User is free of special sound recording knowledge, all should be done is to connect the instrument to a sound card and push the recording button. It's obvious that program's interface and is rather simple to manage with.

Various settings allow to adjust the recording process. Also, great ability of EzRecorder is a built-in player for Internet radio. An embedded large database of 2100+ radio stations can be sorted by a country and region, so it is easy to choose radio from user's location. After grabbing, sound is saved into popular audio formats (WMA, AAC, MP3, OGG) with the choose of preferred bitrate.

Typical applications of this software are:

· Recording streaming audio broadcasts (internet radio, webcasts, audio conferences)

· Recording voice chats (Skype, MSN Messenger)

· Having a player that plays a prorietary format you can record and convert any audio to WMA, MP3, OGG or AAC.

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