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File Information Editor Crack With Activation Code Latest

File Information Editor Crack With Activation Code Latest

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Download File Information Editor [Crack]

File Information Editor enables you to easiliy update the Subject, Category, Comments fields of any file. These Summary Information Fields have been available in Windows since NT was first introduced but Microsoft has never provided an easy way of using them. The File Information Editor makes updating these fields, for any number of files, as easy as using a spreadsheet.

You can edit individual values with a double click of the mouse or use any of these editing commands:

■ Copy/Cut & Paste a range of cells

■ Find /Replace across all cells or a selected range of cells.

■ You can delete a value by editing and deleting or select a cell and then select Clear

■ You can clear all values.

When you are done, press the save button and the fields are updated. With the File Information Editor you can easily turn this into this making it easy to identify the contents of every file without having to have ridiculously long filenames.

CAVU Software's File Grabber product allows you to also save the Summary Information Fields in to the clipboard along with other file information. Combined, these two products allow you to easily manage the information about the files on your system both within Windows Explorer and in any other format or catalog you choose.

Summary Information Editor enhances your security.

Summary Information Fields are often filled in by applications such s Microsoft Office. You may have a "playful" computer name or a user name on your PC at home.

Did you know that if you email someone a copy of your resume all of those fields go along with the file?

The Summary Information Editor "Clear All" function will clear all of the writable fields you selected. Click the "All Read-Write Fields" in the Field Selection Dialog and the select "Clear All" from the Spreadsheet dialog to securely remove all writable Summary Information from a file. Better yet, use the File Information Editor to provide useful information to the recipient about the contents of the files. Then use File Grabber to provide that information to the recipient within the email itself.


■ 10 day trial

File Information Editor Crack With Activation Code Latest File Information Editor Crack + Keygen (Updated) File Information Editor Crack + Serial Key Download 2022

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