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FileMonkey 11.03 Crack + Activation Code Download 2024

FileMonkey Crack + Activation Code Download 2024

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Download FileMonkey [Crack]

FileMonkey is a file management solution that comes in handy for all users who need to organize their documents in a professional manner.

The program sports a clean and modern interface that appeals to beginners and experts alike. You can customize the looks of your application by enabling or disabling the transparency mode, and by changing the font style and color scheme.

You can sort the files by date or size. It is possible to select the documents that were modified, accessed or created, and pick the date, thanks to its built-in calendar. Filtering the files by size can be done by typing in the input value (in bytes, KB or MB).

The application offers quick access to the files and folders from your computer, as it displays them in the main window. You can append text to the start or end of the file name, by typing in the message in a dedicated window.

Moreover, FileMonkey includes a rename feature that can be applied to files, folders or file contents, and you can select a name and extension type.

The application supports batch processing, which means you can add multiple items to the list and apply several changes to all of them simultaneously. You may select to work with all the files, archive documents or folders.

FileMonkey provides some other important features, as it is possible to change the date and time when the folders or files were created, modifies or accessed, as well as send the files to the Recycle Bin, or delete them.

Furthermore, it comprises an encryption feature and a powerful search engine. You can merge, rename, replace and split files, as well as trim the file and folder names and contents, generate lists with documents and folders that may contain full paths or attributes, and extract text from files. The duplicate items can be deleted, listed, copied or moved.

In conclusion, FileMonkey offers a straightforward solution for helping you manage documents in batch mode easily and efficiently.

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