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First Alert Service Monitor 19.11.01 Crack & License Key

First Alert Service Monitor Crack & License Key

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First Alert Service Monitor is a lightweight Windows application designed specifically for helping you monitor Internet services and play several alerts in case one of the services stops responding.

It reveals a user-friendly layout that keeps a list with all monitored events and provides details about each one, such as description, URL, IP, domain, port, check timer, timeout, and number of alerts. The program reveals a log with details about each monitored event at the bottom of the main window.

Additionally, you can keep track of multiple events, delete or edit them, sort them in an ascending or descending order, as well as alter the font used for revealing the services and logs.

First Alert Service Monitor gives you the possibility to define a new event by adding the service name, URL, IP and domain, command/script (optional) and port. Additionally, you can enter the number of minutes between checks, timeout (in seconds) and failed checks before the program triggers an alert.

When it comes to tweaking the service alert, you can make the utility play the default Windows error sound when the service is down or a custom WAV file from your computer, test the sound, and play the audio item repeatedly. Plus, the tool is able to send message notifications to your phone/pager, execute a user-defined app, reveal popup alerts and send emails.

First Alert Service Monitor comes with several tweaking parameters that help you specify the maximum number of services examined simultaneously, enter the seconds between alert sounds, as well as keep one log and append it to each session, create a new log file with new name for each session, delete all activity log files on exit, or disable the logging options. What’s more, you can run the program at Windows startup, run the utility as NT service, and provide details about the SMTP server and email address.

All in all, First Alert Service Monitor delivers a straightforward way for helping you keep track of multiple Internet services. The intuitive feature pack and support for tooltips and help manual make this application suitable for all types of users, be they rookies or professionals.

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