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Flash-Creator 1.0 Crack With License Key Latest

Flash-Creator Crack With License Key Latest

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As its name suggests, CAD-KAS Flash-Creator provides you with an intuitive design environment to help you create Flash content and embed it into your website, without needing advanced Flash knowledge.

Designed mostly for beginner users, the application features a simple and well-organized interface that enables you to easily access all the options. Whether you want to create a funny animation or a Flash movie, CAD-KAS Flash-Creator can help you achieve professional-looking results quickly.

Text boxes, vector objects and picture files can be inserted into your project. Every aspect of these elements is customizable: you can change the text font, color, size, the vector type and color, as well as adjust the rotation angle and the transparency.

Drag and drop is supported, so you can move objects around to set their start and end position by simply using your mouse. Pressing the 'Play' button opens the animation in your default web browser, thus you can preview the result anytime you want and make modifications, if necessary.

If you want to create a Flash movie, all you have to do is configure a few settings, such as the dimensions (width and height), the frame rate and the background color. Other than that, it's just a matter of a button's push before your movie is ready and saved in SWF format.

For your convenience, the source code you need to insert into the website is automatically generated, so you simply have to copy and paste it into your HTML code to have the movie displayed on the website.

All things considered, CAD-KAS Flash-Creator is a simple, yet user-friendly tool that comes in handy if you want to quickly create Flash animations for your website, allowing you to deliver messages easier and catch the visitor's attention.

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