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Flash Slideshow Generator 2.1.4 Crack With Serial Number

Flash Slideshow Generator Crack With Serial Number

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Flash Slideshow Generator is a program which combines pictures with music to create a complex video presentation. It allows you to set different effects for each image, thus making the project unique.

It has many settings available, and it’s impossible to miss a step, thanks to the wizard that guides you through all stages.

Besides inserting the images one by one, you can add entire folders. The types of files that can be used within this program are GIF, JPEG and BMP. Then, you can apply one effect for all photos selected, a distinct animation for each one or just let the application play the presentation with random transitions.

Before building the Flash presentation, you can adjust the video dimensions (width and height, in pixels), add background music, set the frame rate, and more. The tool offers three output types: Macromedia Flash File (SWF), HTML Code (HTML) and a Standalone Executable Slideshow (EXE).

As mentioned earlier, in Flash Slideshow Generator, you are given the possibility of choosing a different effect for each image. They are split into categories, for example bars (e.g. from both sides, from top), shred (circular or diamond) and dissolve. If you think this takes too much time, you can apply one animation for the entire project.

The fourth step is selecting the mode to play the slideshow: automatically or by clicking the navigate buttons. In the next stage, the durations for the effect and on-screen image can be set. Time can be defined in seconds and it seems that there is no limit.

After going through all steps, you can preview the presentation and make changes if something is not right, not start all over again.

In conclusion, Flash Slideshow Generator has a user-friendly interface for generating slideshows and many options when it comes to the effects. You can add music and preview the presentation.

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