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Flash Stream Hunter 1.0.10 Crack Plus License Key

Flash Stream Hunter Crack Plus License Key

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Download Flash Stream Hunter [Crack]

Flash Stream Hunter is a simple to use application that can automatically download clips from various websites.

It’s cleverly enough built that it can automatically start downloading videos as soon as you play them in the embedded Flash player. While downloading, the application displays information such as download speed, start time, total file size and progress.

To start the download you just need to press play and you should be careful not to press it again during dowload because it can disrupt the process. If this should happen, you can switch to the download section of the application and resume the transfer form there or restart it entirely. This can be an inconvenience but it is a small price to pay for being able to download videos and songs from virtually all the major web sites that offer this kind of content.

The application displays a comprehensive interface and enables you to use if without fiddling through settings and stuff like that. Since the downloads commence automatically, all you have to do is to overlook the progress and if you need to know more about the downloaded or downloading clips, you can view their properties. The application displays detailed information about both the stream and media file.

All the downloaded files are stored on your computer in a folder you can select. To view them you can simply double click on their title and they are opened by your default media player.

A setback for Flash Stream Hunter is the fact that it seems to have trouble with the names under which it saves the files. The name of the file you get is no where near the title you see on the website. For example, downloading a clip named ‘Softpedia’ can get you a file called ‘videoplayback’ or a random sequence of numbers. This proves to be at least frustrating if you download tens of clips because in order to identify them, you need to play each one.

All-in-all, Flash Stream Hunter is a reliable media downloader that can get the job done but it does need improvements here and there, especially in the file name department.

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