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FlexiMusic Composer Apr2007 Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

FlexiMusic Composer Crack + Serial Number (Updated)

Windows 9X, Windows XP, Windows 2K


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Advancement in technology enable us to perform a wide variety of activities, specialized or not, for business or personal use, from the comfort of your desktop. Music makes no exception, with modern applications almost replacing instruments when it comes to composition and FlexiMusic Composer is a suitable example in this regard.

Just like any other application, the first impression is heavily affected by the visual design. This program tries not to make one, with custom elements that seem a little old, but considering updates are a thing of the past, it's something you can easily overlook.

By default, several tracks filled with a few audio files are placed on your canvas. Apart from audio layers, there's an output track you can use to preview your work. An upper toolbar holds all playback options, with options to even select a simple portion and have it looped, a slider to adjust tempo, zoom tools for the track view, as well as other general and file related configurations.

Sooner or later you want to import song parts or other audio elements to assemble in an ambitious project. However, you only get to work with WAV files, both for import and export, and nothing else. You don't need to worry that much, though, because there's a rich library of instruments you can navigate and place on audio tracks.

Apart from adjusting pitch, volume and tempo, there aren't any other editing options. However, you can edit cycle for each track and modify the beats and key note each track triggers, with controls at your disposal for instant feedback.

In order to fully create a song, you can bring up a small screen that holds all related details. Filling in given fields on the spot makes sure the file is equipped with the right name, contact info, comments, as well as lyrics. As mentioned above, the output generates a WAV file, with no customizable options.

Taking everything into consideration, we come to the conclusion that FlexiMusic Composer comes with good intentions and manages to somehow deliver a good result in the end. However, it feels a little rough around the edges, with little file support and editing options. The only thing that manages to pull it from the dust is the impressively rich library of instruments and options to add your own recordings.

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