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FONmaker 1.01 Crack Plus License Key

FONmaker Crack Plus License Key

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Download FONmaker [Crack]

FONmaker is an application developed to be just a powerful bitmap font creator for Windows.

You can convert existing outline and bitmap fonts into Windows screen fonts, Windows font resources, HP Soft Fonts, and BDF font files with it.

Here are some key features of "FONmaker":

■ Font Converter – take Adobe Type 1 and TrueType fonts and convert them to bitmap (FON, FNT, BDF, SFL, or SFP) fonts at whatever size you want. Does everything you need to produce new bitmap fonts.

■ New System Fonts – Make your own Windows screen fonts by creating a new TrueType or Type 1 font in any outline font editor (FontLab, TypeTool or AsiaFont Studio). Then use FONmaker to make it into a screen font.

■ Font Families – You can create as many different sizes and variations of a font as you want.

■ Preview Window – Shows you just exactly what your bitmap font will look like at the size and resolution that you specify – before you make the change

■ Full Control – You can choose any size bitmap you want, any resolution, and any of the commonly used codepages.


FONmaker trial creates 25% of the fonts.

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