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Font-ABC 2.50 Crack + Serial Key Download

Font-ABC Crack + Serial Key Download

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Download Font-ABC [Crack]

Font-ABC is a font management program designed specifically for helping you view all fonts installed on your system and print custom text messages using the desired font.

An update for the user interface would be more than welcomed, as the tool sports a plain and simplistic layout.

It automatically builds up a list with all fonts installed on your computer and lets you browse throughout the entire collection. Plus, it displays a sample text so you can check out how the font looks like.

Font-ABC gives you the possibility to create a custom text message by simply typing in the words in the primary panel or pasting the information from the clipboard. Plus, the tool offers support for a built-in list with special characters that you can easily insert in your text.

You may customize the text in terms of size, activate the bold or italic option, print the generated text, as well as configure several parameters related to the page layout (margins: left, right, top, bottom adjustments) and font style for the header, font names, and special characters.

On the downside, you cannot export the list with fonts to a file and save it on your computer, group fonts into different categories, perform search operations, make comparison between two different fonts, and uninstall them. Since it hasn’t been updated for a while, it may cause compatibility issues on newer operating systems.

To sum it up, Font-ABC offers a simple software solution for helping you check and view all fonts installed on your computer. However, it still needs improvements in the GUI area and advanced features for enhancing the tool’s overall functionality.

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