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Fontographer 5.2.3 Build 4868 Crack With Serial Number Latest

Fontographer Crack With Serial Number Latest

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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Creating fonts and personalizing them is an activity that is not familiar to all users and not many would find it actually attractive. Nonetheless, professionals who have to make such typefaces for their projects will appreciate a tool like Fontographer, which is designed to make the whole process a lot easier and highly customizable.

Thanks to a friendly interface and packing a lot of powerful features, this software solution will surely earn the appreciation of any user who tries it. The great thing about it is you don't have to have any experience in using such programs and even if you try for the first time to make a font of your own or edit an existing one you should have no problems.

As soon as you load a font file, you will have all the contained glyphs displayed on the main window and you can order them according to your needs because there are detailed viewing and searching options at your disposal.

By double-clicking a character from the list you will have it loaded in the built-in editor, where you can perform all the adjustments. The modifications can be done by dragging and dropping the points or by using the available functions from the dedicated menus of Fontographer.

Kerning and metrics assistance is available, as well as editable hinting parameters, in case you want to deactivate the 'Autohint' feature. Transforming the glyph elements (flip, rotate, scale, move, skew, etc.) can be done quite easily, using the specialized feature this tool is equipped with.

The importing and exporting capabilities of Fontographer further enhance its value and provide support for a variety of types including bitmaps, EPS or EPAR. On the whole, the application proves to be rock-solid and very well furnished with all the functions a professional designed would need.

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