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Fontonizer 2021 18.0 Release 4 Crack With Activator

Fontonizer Crack With Activator

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Download Fontonizer [Crack]

Fontonizer is an easy to use Font Organizer that will help you keep track of all your fonts.

Fontonizer is an easy to use Font Organizer for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP with an explorer-like interface which allows you to see the drives with font files: hard drives (including network drives), CD-ROMs, optical disks, ZIP disks, Jazz disks and drives other with font files.

Installation /deletion / restoration of the deleted fonts

Viewing of the tracing of a text with both installed and uninstalled fonts.

Viewing of the information about a font

Viewing of the symbol table of any font

Viewing of the deleted fonts

A "Favorite fonts" set with subdivisions (for example "for cards", "hand-written", abstract")

Much more!

Fit a font for your project without installing it into a system!

Compare spelling of the key text written in all the fonts you have!

Installation a font in one click!

Here are some key features of "Fontonizer":

Viewing and comparison of all the fonts on all disks of your computer.

The "My computer" inlay enables you to select any folder on your computer (including network environment!) and to browse all the fonts in these folders. The text in tracings with these fonts will be displayed in a table. You can quickly estimate which fonts you like most of all, which ones you need, and install only the fonts you like! Retrench the capacity of your computer and your own time!

Viewing and comparison of any text with different fonts.

An advertising slogan, a declaration of love, a Christmas card, an invitation to wedding or anniversary, a business letter - you have created contents which should be given a corresponding form. (It is necessary to select the font corresponding to the character of your remarkable text well).

You have hundreds, thousands of fonts. And not all of them are installed into your system?

Enter your key text and enable Fontonizer to display your text with all the fonts you have!

Quickly and just exactly what you need! Never before it was so easy to select a font just to your text among thousands of other ones!


■ 31 days trial

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