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FRSFileMgr 6.4.2 Crack Full Version

FRSFileMgr Crack Full Version

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Keeping files and folders organized on your computer is not always an easy task, especially if you don't have a suitable tool for that. FRSFileMgr is one of the many third-party applications that offer file management capabilities and which aim to replace the file explorer built into the operating system right from the start.

The software features a simple user interface, allowing you to view drives and folders in a left panel, and providing you with info on the files in a selected folder or drive on the right panel.

Once you select specific files, a set of buttons placed on the far-right side of the main window allow you to easily duplicate said files, copy or move them to a recently accessed directory, or delete them.

The program can also be customized to display various details on each file in a folder, including info on its size or on the date when it was created.

In addition to allowing your to browse through directories and view files inside them, FRSFileMgr provides you with fast access to temporary Internet files on the PC.

You no longer have to search for the specific locations where browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Opera save their temporary files, as this tool provides you with access to them with only a few clicks. It also enables you to delete these files to free disk space.

The software has been designed so as to allow you to easily change various file attributes, including name, date/time, or associated program. You can also open files to view their content, archive, or create shortcuts to them.

The tool comes at a cost, but the various features and capabilities included inside should make it worth that small investment, albeit other applications offer similar functionality for free.

FRSFileMgr is a simple, easy-to-use tool for file and folder management, designed as a replacement for the default file explorer in Windows. It comes at a cost, but the variety of functions packed inside it can easily offset that.

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