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Gab-Stopper 3.20 Crack + Serial Key Download 2021

Gab-Stopper Crack + Serial Key Download 2021

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Download Gab-Stopper [Crack]

The Gab-Stopper is a voice-level monitoring & feedback tool. Designed primarily for controlling noise levels in the classroom, the application is also useful in offices, meeting rooms, hospitals and more.

Using graphical symbols, Gab-Stopper provides easy feedback in the form of a standard traffic light. Green indicates acceptable voice levels. Yellow means warning and indicates increasing voice levels. Red means alert and indicates sound levels are unacceptable.

Optional .wav sounds can be played on the computer when warning or alert levels are reached. As an incentive for students, Gab-Stopper provides an automatic score indicator ranging from 0 to 100%. If voice levels are kept low, the score bar increases. If voice levels rise, the score bar decreases.

This feature can be used as a continual feedback and reward mechanism.

While Gab-Stopper's primary purpose is to function as a teacher's aid, it is also well-suited for for other uses. For instance, parents can use the tool to help control noise in the home, especially when some quality time is desired.

Gab-Stopper is suitable for any venue where noise is a problem. GabStopper has a myriad of applications:

■ Classrooms

■ Offices

■ Conference rooms

■ Cafeterias

■ Meeting areas

■ Hospitals

■ Libraries

■ Homes

■ Play areas

■ Musems

■ Auditoriums

Gab-Stopper provides functions and features similar to electronic devices. These devices also monitor noise levels, but are somewhat limited in their ability. They are unable to filter incidental noises such as coughs, door-closure, or book-drops. In addition, these devices are generally inflexible and can be somewhat expensive.

To operate Gab-Stopper in the best possible conditions you will need a quality microphone with good sensitivity and dynamic range.

Here are some key features of "Gab Stopper":

■ Traffic signal with red, yellow, and green indicators

■ Sound level meter indicates noise levels

■ Score-bar [0 to 100] provides positive incentive

■ Configurable noise detection setting prevents "triggering" on incidental noises

■ Adjustable sensitivity to detect voices at a distance.

■ Choose optional sound .wav file to play when warning (yellow) or alert (red) occurs

■ Timer displays elapsed monitoring time

■ Optional magnification for distance viewing


■ Pentium CPU

■ 1 MB RAM

■ 1 MB Available Hard Disk Space

■ VGA Monitor

■ Sound-card

■ Microphone

■ Speakers (optional)


■ 14 days trial

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