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GeniusConnect Crack & Serial Number

GeniusConnect Crack & Serial Number

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Databases and emails do not always mix well, as you cannot always view or use important data from your database while working in an email client. Fortunately, there are software solutions to these problems, one of them being GeniusConnect.

The application allows you to synchronize Outlook files and folders, such as “Mail”, “Contact”, “Calendar” or “Journal” with most SQL databases that offer support for Open Database Connectivity (ODBC for short). Because the program is an Outlook add-on, it can only be used if you have Outlook installed on your computer.

GeniusConnect can link Outlook folders and files with SQL tables, by matching file fields with rows and columns. The application works both ways as you can synchronize Outlook to SQL databases and vice versa, whilst having the option to define conflict resolution rules.

You can easily define data conversion to the closest type, as not all Outlook files are supported by SQL databases. Each Outlook folder can be linked to multiple databases, thus ensuring you that any reference to other tables is properly linked.

Furthermore, you can set the program to automatically synchronize Outlook and SQL items by scheduling the next updates. This is a handy feature, because you do not have to constantly synchronize files manually, as the application can do it for you.

Additionally, you can import or export folder mapping configurations, which would allow you to link certain SQL tables to folders fast, without having to manually create connections between each directory item and table column or row.

GeniusConnect can help you synchronize your Outlook folders with a SQL database, in order to preserve data consistency. You can use it to safely backup or update data between your email accounts and databases.

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