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GeSWall 2.9.2 Crack With Keygen Latest

GeSWall Crack With Keygen Latest

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GeSWall is a piece of software that lets you browse the Internet, open e-mail attachments, chat, exchange files and so on, no matter of the security threats posed. The program prevents damage from malware by isolating applications.

The GeSWall interface is highly intuitive and therefore, the user does not require any prior experience in order to properly work in it. On the left side of the main window a folder structure is displayed, while details are shown on the right side, so as to enhance usability. Moreover, button shortcuts for the most used actions are available.

The user interface is also highly customizable, seeing that the size of the icons can be modified, certain bars can be hidden or shown, and windows can be tiled horizontally or placed in a cascade mode.

This tool applies certain access restriction policies, therefore it can effectively prevent different types of attacks such as confidential files disclosure, malicious software spreading, backdoors, rootkits and key loggers.

The utility provides an extensive color-coded summary so that you can see all the prevented attacks, restricted operations and all the applications that have been isolated. These reports are available for the current day, previous week or month and finally, a total count.

Lists of untrusted programs and files can be exported to your computer in formats such as TXT and CSV.

In conclusion, GeSWall is a very useful piece of software that can help protect your computer from malware, by isolating certain applications. You can export lists of untrusted items and view reports for certain periods of time, features that make this program highly efficient.

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