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GFI WebMonitor 11 Build 20171116 Crack Full Version

GFI WebMonitor Crack Full Version

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If you run a company or are a network administrator and need an efficient way to monitor various parameters on your network, the best course of action is to rely on third-party applications.

One of the software solutions that can come in handy in the situation depicted above is GFI WebMonitor, as it provides you with a broad range of relevant services.

Please note that this application requires Internet Explorer, .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server to be installed on your computer so that it can function as intended.

After successfully deploying the application to the target computer, it is automatically launched via Internet Explorer. A configuration wizard is displayed so that you can adjust the required settings before beginning to use the app.

You need to configure options related to connection, transparent proxy, HTTPs scanning, databases, administrator credentials and email addresses. The app guides you and provides you with handy details during each step.

After setting it up, GFI WebMonitor can help you check various parameters of your network. The Home page offers you a summary of collected data, which includes web security status, bandwidth trends, top 5 accessed web categories and monitor status.

The Dashboards category enables you to navigate to your favorite section, by choosing from Bandwidth, Activity, Security, Real-Time-Traffic, Quotas and Agents. Each of them offers you extensive data and graphs, while also letting you sort information by category.

After the first hour of web activity, the WebInsights tab lets you access insights on bandwidth usage, productivity and security. These include downloads or uploads through websites or applications, current bandwidth, security concerns, blocked activity, time spent on certain sites and hits.

The Reports category lets you generate logs based on the type of activity you are interested in. You can access a list of templates which include bandwidth, activity and security logs, but it is also possible to view a collection of already generated reports by clicking the corresponding tab.

To wrap it up, GFI WebMonitor is a handy software solution that enables you to monitor your network activity and gives you an extensive range of data. It comes with a web interface, includes a configuration wizard and can generate detailed reports based on the type of activity you want to monitor.

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