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Ghost Browser Crack + License Key

Ghost Browser Crack + License Key

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The work of a social media manager, as glamorous at it may be at times, does not come without its own set of challenges. Besides the never ending stream of required creativity, attention to detail, basic knowledge of the Internet and possibly even of human psychology, thoroughly handling multiple social media accounts is also on the "must-have" list of required super-skills.

The latter issue is clearly one of the most challenging of the lot. You surely remember TweetDeck, a social media dashboard built in-house by Twitter to make the struggle a bit less painful by allowing you to manage multiple Twitter accounts within a single window.

An even better solution is offered by a Chromium-based browser called Ghost Browser. In just a few words, Ghost Browser is a multi-session browser that allows you to manage any number of social media accounts, using the same social media platform, at the same time, from the same window. Basically, you can say goodbye to having to use multiple browsers or having to endlessly log in or out of each account.

If you have ever used Google Chrome before, then it should be business as usual when it comes to working with Ghost Browser. While we're on the subject, being Chromium-based, you can easily import all your bookmarks and even all the extensions directly from Chrome (and even other modern-day browsers), with no more than a few mouse clicks; just look for the "Import Bookmarks now..." button from the bookmarks bar.

Even though Chrome and Ghost Browser share the same platform and, evidently, they look almost the same, there are a few noteworthy perks that are bound to differentiate them.

Here we go, right-click on any tab and select "New Session." You can open as many (isolated) sessions as you like (by choosing one of the paid plans, mind you), each and one of which has its own color scheme.

By way of example, you can have one session for all your Twitter accounts (with as many tabs as you like), another one for all Facebook accounts and another for all your Insta accounts, as well. Or, you can have the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts for a single brand you're representing in one session, if you want to.

But we have yet to reveal the best part. One the right side of the address bar, there's a Ghost Browser-button. Click it, and you are welcomed by a streamlined session manager.

The beauty of Ghost Browser, besides allowing you to run multiple sessions is that it also makes it effortless for you to get all your sessions and all your social media accounts up and running, ready for action with just a simple click, once they are thoroughly saved, of course (click the Save Home Project as... button).

Even though Ghost Browser is especially useful for social media managers, since it allows them to improve their productivity by a wide margin, there's a good chance that it might be just as useful for sales teams, e-commerce business owners, account managers, web designers, SEO specialists, bloggers and even QA testers.

To conclude, Ghost Browser offers you an intuitive way to improve the way you work and manage multiple social media accounts or any type of accounts for that matter, without compromising any of the good things both Chromium and Chrome have going for them.

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how to download Ghost Browser serial?


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