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GoldMemory 6.92 Crack With Activation Code

GoldMemory Crack With Activation Code

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GoldMemory provides you with a memory testing application capable of detecting specific errors such as memory fails, motherboard incompatibility issues, incorrect BIOS settings, high temperatures and more.

The application is intended to help you test whether your computer's memory is functioning as it should. It is compatible with the x86 computer architectures and runs as a 16-bit application.

GoldMemory relies on complex and effective algorithms independent from the type of chipset and comes with three different test methods that you can choose from.

The thorough mode runs an exhaustive and meticulous analysis on the memory system, verifying more components, but it might take a larger amount of time to finish. The normal test mode is the recommended one, while the 'Quick' analysis takes less time to complete, retrieving data on patterns only.

The application can be optionally instructed to skip memory subsystem benchmarking and detect the size of the non-BIOS memory.

All the errors are displayed within the main window, along with their memory address. Optionally, you can set the program to automatically generate a report file containing a list of all the identified issues and save it to your computer for later reference.

The application can only run with computers that incorporate CPUs working in real operational mode (active when the processor is powered on), as the protected mode does not allow full memory access. Furthermore, since the application has not received an update recently, we cannot guarantee that it works with all system configurations.

GoldMemory is a diagnostics utility targeting advanced users. It enables you to identify possible memory faults, but please note that is is advisable to use more than one testing applications and compare the results, in order to enhance the accuracy of the analysis.

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