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GOM Player 2.3.92 Build 5362 Crack + Activator Updated

GOM Player Crack + Activator Updated

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A fantastic ability to play just about any media format out there and a  user-friendly graphical user interface are just some of the most important features that helped GOM Player become one of the most mass-appealed media utilities out there.

Even though its strong point is still its excellent support for a wide array of media formats, the development team behind GOM Player are clearly looking towards the future with the addition of capabilities like support for VR and 360 videos, smart engines for searching and adding new subtitles and codecs, and even the possibility to use your smartphone as a remote controller for your videos.

As most of you probably know, in the past, GOM Player's installer used to offer and install third-party software, as well as change the search engine of your web browsers. Although GOM Player is still listed as Ad-Supported on Softpedia (click on the orange badge to see why), we are glad to say that its installer does not bundle any of the previously mentioned annoying adware components like it used to.

Subsequent to a streamlined installation process, you are greeted by a clean and very functional yet somewhat outdated user interface that is clearly geared towards accessibility more than anything else.

Speaking of its UI, you should know that the utility comes with a small set of themes, easily changeable from the Skin Tab, from the General menu, within the Preferences section of the application.

You may also notice that there aren't a great deal of on-screen controls available. This, of course, means that you will have to firstly get used to GOM Player's comprehensive menu system.

This said, almost all of its features can be accessed either by right-clicking the main window or by clicking the GOMPLAYER button located on the left side of the upper menu bar.

We could point out its plethora of supported audio or video formats but that is not necessary since, changes are, GOM Player can handle almost everything you throw at it. Better yet, it allows you to locate and install the necessary codecs, in case you really need to play unconventional video formats.

This is probably the best time to point out that the popular media player has yet one more ace up its sleeve. Thanks to a slick, built-in search tool, it makes it possible for you to locate and add subtitles to your videos, by linking with the OpenSubtitles.org service that currently houses one of the largest subtitle databases.

The ability to capture screenshots, repeat custom segments of any media file, control the playback speed and add video effects are just some other features that solidify GOM Player's status as one of the most feature-packed media players.

As mentioned at the start of the review, GOM Player allows you to use your iPhone or Android-based phone as a remote control. Just install the GOM Remote app on your phone from the appropriate store and you instantly gain the ability to select, play and stop videos, as well as adjust the volume and the screen's brightness, among many others.

Last but not least, you will be happy to hear that the utility also comes with support for some of some of the most popular VR and 360 video formats to date. As an added bonus, you can even play or stream 360 YouTube videos.

As a conclusion, we can safely say that GOM Player is still one of the most powerful and accessible media players out there as it manages to tick all the right boxes regarding functionality and advanced features.

Mainly thanks to its plethora of features, the application manages to feel up to date in so many important respects but, we are sorry to say that, there is really no getting away from the fact that the app's interface is simply not up to par with modern standards.

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