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GPSMapEdit Portable Crack With Serial Number

GPSMapEdit Portable Crack With Serial Number

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Viewing and creating maps for various GPS devices is not an easy task given the complexity of the elements that have to be put together. Even with a dedicated software solution like GPSMapEdit Portable things are not handed on a silver platter and solid knowledge in the area is a must.

Since this program doesn't have to be installed, running it after extracting the files is a breeze and the advantages of having a portable tool for such a difficult job are numerous.

On the other hand, those who expect a modern GUI or some sort of eye-candy elements will be disappointed because the looks of GPSMapEdit Portable are not too attractive. Practicality is, on the other hand, well represented, as all the functions are well distributed for ease of access.

One of the advantages of this application is the ability to work with an impressive number of filetypes from many dedicated devices. Thus, GPSMapEdit Portable can handle input from ALAN Map, Garmin, Holux, iGO, Magellan or OziExplorer, to name just a few items from the list of supported hardware and software.

Insofar as viewing map files is concerned, this utility offers loads of options so that any user can activate all the components they need in order to make an idea about a certain location and the waypoints, routes, even bookmarks and notes related to that place.

Selecting and handling elements from a map are possible when using the built-in tools of GPSMapEdit Portable. It can help users edit points, create a variety of objects, split maps and many more.

All in all, this application puts up a decent performance and, thanks to the useful functions it brings, GPSMapEdit Portable could be an interesting choice. The dull looks are clearly against it and it could do with some improvements that would make it easier to use.

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