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GSA Auto Website Submitter 5.41 Crack + Activator Updated

GSA Auto Website Submitter Crack + Activator Updated

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GSA Auto Website Submitter is a simple to use application that helps you increase the ranking of your website by automatically submitting your webpage to various search engines and directories.

Though it is a fairly complicated task, the application is designed to automate as much as the process as possible. From the moment you run it for the first time, it greets you with a wizard that guides you through the basics of creating a project file.

When creating a new profile, you add information such as URL, RSS, name, country, keywords, category, title and a description of your webpage.

Once you create the project, you are ready to submit the information to providers such as directories, search engines and blog lists.

GSA Auto Website Submitter allows you to be very thorough with your submissions. To make sure your page gets all the possible exposure or to make the process more effective, the application enables you to you to choose whether you want to use reciprocal providers or not. You can also avoid security code providers and add custom categories when matches are not automatically found.

If the case requires it, you can also manually submit the information, though the application tries to automate this task as much as it is possible.

The interface of the application is clean and well structured. GSA Auto Website Submitter applies color codes for search engines, directories, blog lists, failed and successful submissions and allows you to change these colors if you need to.

When the submission process ends, you can verify if your website appears on the other sites using its Link Report feature. Accessing it, GSA Auto Website Submitter will search for your link using the provider’s own search engine or it will spider through the site and try to identify it.

With the above considered and much more to discover, GSA Auto Website Submitter is a tool to be considered if you’re looking for a way to increase your websites’ ranking in an easy and practical way.

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