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GSA Platform Identifier 2.03 Crack + Serial Number Download

GSA Platform Identifier Crack + Serial Number Download

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Download GSA Platform Identifier [Crack]

GSA Platform Identifier is a professional-grade software solution developed to provide you with the ability of automatically processing and sorting countless URL addresses, determining their platform with minimal effort on your part.

In terms of appearance, the application is quite intuitive and user-friendly, making it possible even for computer novices to get the hang of it without wasting too much time.

The main window of GSA Platform Identifier displays currently ongoing projects and their results in a pie chart, while from the ribbon buttons, you can ‘Start’, ‘Pause’ or ‘Stop’ it from running, as well as ‘Edit’ it or resort to using ‘Custom Engines’.

To get things started, you will need to create a new project, using the dedicated window. You are required to give it a name, then select its type, either ‘Process Files’ or ‘Monitor Folders’, depending on your requirements.

Subsequently, the source items need to be defined, by adding them from your computer. Optionally, you can ‘Use Engine Filter’ or you can ‘Filter By Keywords’, the last of which you can customize yourself; bear in mind that this option may slow down the process.

Moreover, you need to adjust the ‘Save Results To’ preferences, ‘Per Engine’ or ‘Single File’. You can also create a file for the unrecognized URLs and select a name format.

When the initial configuration is done, you can get started and allow GSA Platform Identifier to run its course, determining the type of platforms corresponding to each input URL, then grouping them accordingly. The results can be imported into a backlink builder, such as GSA Search Engine Ranker, in order to automatically create such links.

To sum it up, GSA Platform Identifier is a practical and efficient program which is aimed to assist you in quickly determining URL platforms, then organize the input addresses into their respective types, so you can create backlinks more easily.

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