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H264 WebCam 4.0 Keygen Full Version

H264 WebCam Keygen Full Version

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H264 WebCam is a useful program designed to monitor multiple webcams and capture snapshots or surveillance videos. It is a handy tool which allows you to keep track of multiple surveillance cameras and transform your computer into a security system control center.

The program can monitor the video stream from local USB cameras and capture devices or connect to remote IP cameras by using an Internet connections. You can also configure the program to capture the computer’s desktop and the sound from a connected microphone.

As mentioned before, one of the main functions of the H264 WebCam is to receive the video feed from multiple webcams. The interface allows you to view all the connected cameras, to focus on a single video or to monitor two cams with the Picture in Picture feature.

You can configure each channel separately by selecting the camera, image size and sound device. The recording parameters are also separate for each device and enable you to choose from multiple video formats and encoding parameters.

If you only need to save the video when the camera detects an activity, the Motion Video Recording feature enables you to select the video area that you want to focus on. A customizable schedule allows you to accurately configure the weekdays and time intervals.

When the motion feature is activated, the program can send an email alert or automatically upload a snapshot to a FTP server in order to be accessed remotely. You can also watch the captured videos in your Internet browser by activating the web server available in H264 WebCam Pro.

Since a surveillance system should only be accessed by certain users, the program includes the option to create a password and specify the channels that are available to each user.

Overall, the H264 WebCam is a feature-packed application designed to provide you with all the tools included by a surveillance system manager.

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