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Han Trainer Pro 5.18 Crack With Keygen

Han Trainer Pro Crack With Keygen

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Learning a new language is never easy, especially if you want to study it from the comfort of your own home. The task becomes even more difficult if you are planning on learning a language with a different alphabet, such as Russian or Chinese.

Han Trainer Pro is an application that enables you to study and learn the Chinese vocabulary, as well as recognize and understand the characters used for writing. You can choose between from a wide variety of study modes to practice, including TV mode, multiple choice and listening comprehension. They can also be combined to create quizzes focused on character comprehension or word pronunciation.

These tests aim to expand your vocabulary with usual day-to-day words that come up often in a conversation. The application includes a learning points system, which awards you with points for every word that you learn. Each test contains a list of words that you should learn and you can view the overall progress bar detailing your completion level.

To give you a better idea about how the words should sound like, Han Trainer Pro enables you to hear them spoken by an expert, to exemplify the proper pronunciation and accent. You can also practice your comprehension skills by trying to translate what you hear into English.

The application includes a Chinese-English translation quiz as well, which displays the Chinese character and the phonetic transcription of the word and allows you to enter the English translation. If you want to learn for yourself how to write using Chinese characters, you can view the stroke order for various characters, which depicts how to properly draw every word.

Han Trainer Pro delivers a fair amount of learning material to choose from and a wide array of quiz modes to test your knowledge. The application runs in fullscreen mode to limit the distractions and the user interface is intuitive and friendly, to allow anyone to use it comfortably.

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