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HardCopy Pro 4.16.0 Keygen Full Version

HardCopy Pro Keygen Full Version

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Taking a screenshot with the help of the traditional methods, such as pressing the PrintScreen button and pasting the image into an editor can take quite some time. HardCopy Pro is a nice tool that can considerably ease your work.

The app has a compact interface and an intuitive layout, which makes it easy to figure out.

The program can capture rectangular screen areas and entire windows. It’s also possible to capture the active window or the full screen. A timer may be set for the program and it can capture a new image every few minutes.

Once a new picture has been grabbed, the app can save it directly or let you preview it in the main frame. The images may be cropped and highlight areas can be defined.

The picture’s color mode may be modified as well. There are several options available, such as “Black & White”, “Black & White Inverted”, “Grayscale”, “16 Colors”, “256 Colors” or “True Color”. It’s also possible to draw on the image by adding lines, arrows, boxes or even text.

The screenshots can be saved to disk to various file formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. Alternatively, they can be sent to a destination on the computer, including a user-defined image editor. It’s also possible to send the screenshots to the printer.

All in all, HardCopy Pro is a useful tool that is fun to work with. less experienced users shouldn’t have any issues while installing or handling this utility, thanks to its intuitive interface and overall simplicity.

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