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Hex Editor II 2.1 Crack Plus License Key

Hex Editor Crack Plus License Key

Windows ME, Windows 9X


Download Hex Editor [Crack]

Hex Editor is a hexadecimal editor.

Hex Editor can edit and truncate files of unlimitted size in 4 different modes: HEX, BIN, DEC & ANSI. It contains base converter and hex calculator tools.

Here are some key features of "Hex Editor II":

■ Familiar Editing Tools

Hex Editor II is designed to let users edit binary files in a simlar way they edit text files. That is why Hex Editor II shares many tools and features with normal text editors, like copy/paste, undo/redo, and search/replace functions that are no more than one click away.

■ Fast Loading Times

Hex Editor II starts in just a few seconds on most computers. You can load very large files (hundreds of Megabytes in size) in seconds, thanks to Hex Editor II's quick-read technology.

■ Edit Very Large Files

Hex Editor II uses quick-read technology that enables it to open and edit very large binary files. Whether you are working with a 10kb file or a 600mb file, Hex Editor II will perform well in both cases.

■ 4 Editing Modes

Hex Editor II helps you better understand the meaning of certain bytes and byte patterns found in a file, by letting you edit file in 4 different modes: either text, hexadecimal, decimal, or binary. This way you can easily see how the file looks in different formats, which in turn enables you to find the information you need faster.

■ 2 Plugins

Hex Editor II features two built-in plugins - Hex Calculator and Base Converter. Hex Calculater lets you perform calculations on numbers in hexadecimal format, while the Base Converter lets you easily convert the numbers from one format to another.

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