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Hide The IP 1.87 Crack With Serial Key 2024

Hide The IP Crack With Serial Key 2024

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Hide The IP is an easy to use application that quickly changes your external IP, allowing you to browse the Internet anonymously.

There are two different modes at your disposal, basic and advanced, but in case you're a beginner we recommend you to choose the first one.

Hide The IP automatically looks for a proxy server in a random country, unless you configure it otherwise, and changes your IP in a matter of seconds, with all needed information displayed right in the main window.

For example, the program shows the current status, the real IP address, the new IP address and the location of the proxy.

If you go for the advanced mode, not only that you're allowed to search for IP by country, but also by speed or by anonymity. You can thus pick a slow, a medium or a fast proxy that's transparent, anonymous or elite.

Additionally, Hide The IP also shows your real IP address' location in advanced mode, as well as IP type, timeout and country of the new IP.

Working flawlessly with Internet Explorer versions 7 and above, Hide The IP also boasts a bunch of options to also hide browser information and thus increase the overall anonymity of your system.

It works flawlessly on all Windows versions and doesn't affect system performance, running on low resources all the time.

Overall, Hide The IP does its job and provides a friendly way to get a new IP. It works quick, but some of the IPs you get return errors and do not allow you to load any page on the Internet.

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