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History Clean 3.0.0 Crack + Serial Number

History Clean Crack + Serial Number

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Download History Clean [Crack]

As its name suggests, History Clean allows you to delete history files from your computer. This tool comes in handy the moment you share a computer with multiple users and prefer to maintain a certain level of privacy or when you want to free up some space.

The interface is clean and pretty intuitive and you can enable the tool to clean Windows elements (e.g. recent document history, Recycle Bin, clipboard, temporary files); however, it can also be used to eliminate web browsing data, such as typed URLs, cookies, auto complete forms, cache, passwords and others.

Furthermore, you can manage cookies, URLs and plugins in Internet Explorer, use it to delete files and folders securely from your computer, as well as enable automatic cleaning system startup and perform a cleaning operation before system shutdown. Moreover, it can be sent to system tray in order to have close by at all times.

This easy-to-use program requires a moderate-to-high amount of system resources and manages to scan pretty fast. In our case the cleaning operation completed without errors.

If you are in doubt about one of the features or options, the developer makes available a comprehensive help file that comes complete with images.

On the other hand, History Clean doesn't offer support for all popular web browsers.

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