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Home Movie Library Database 1.0 Crack Full Version

Home Movie Library Database Crack Full Version

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Download Home Movie Library Database [Crack]

Have a lot of movies on DVD, VHS, or some other format? Or just need to keep track of who borrows your movies?

Keep track of your movies in this simple program. Search through your entered movies for specific titles, actors, running times, studio, genre, or other item.

It also allows you to enter information for borrowed movies, desired movies, and ordered movies. So even if you dont yet have it, you can enter the info now, then just change its status when you do get it.

The borrowed movie section (loan manager) keeps track of who borrows what, what the condition is when it was loaned, when its due, and what the condition was when its returned. That way youll never lose track of your movies again.

Reports can be generated, and are in XML/XSL format. This means you can view them in your web browser, and alter the format with some knowledge. Altering report colors is done through the program, so no knowledge is needed for just that!

The current version also supports our own database online for movie titles (that grows based on the movie input from our users!), so that as time goes on, youll wont have to enter as much, if any, information.

Minor updates are free for the lifetime of the program. Automatic entry of movies (increased search options) will be provided in later releases.

An online link is provided to IMDb and to Amazon.com through the program. Including a link to buy any desired movies.


Internet Explorer (Installed, but doesn't have to be used)

MDAC Components (exists on most computers by default, MS Office uses these)

MSXML (normally included with Internet Explorer)

Internet Connection for internet features

VB Runtimes (included)


1) automatically uploads movies that you enter to our database whenever you search our database

2) stats form disabled.

3) limited to 15 movies being viewed (but can enter more than that)

The evaluation period is 30 days, however, nothing additional is disabled after this time.

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