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HR Tracking Database Software 2.4.7 Crack Plus Keygen

HR Tracking Database Software Crack Plus Keygen

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Keeping track of personnel is key when running a successful business. Computer applications make this easier, and HR Tracking Database Software is no exception. It puts a set of tools at your disposal with which you can rest assured that everything there is to know gets included in a database.

The main menu is the first window that appears when launching the application. From here you can navigate to all available databases, from employees to training courses and certifications.

Design is simple yet intuitive enough, with fields to fill with the appropriate information and several other options where necessary. Every category is opened in a separate window, making it easy to navigate through.

You spend most of the time in the first category, which keeps track of employees. All of them are displayed in a list, and selecting one brings up a breathtaking amount details you can fill in. From personal and contact info to skills and interests, everything is available. In case there is more to add, the “Note” tab comes in handy.

Aside from the employees category, it only takes several minutes to add or modify info for the rest. You are required to specify a title, and if the case applies, a short description. Additionally, you can issue reports for nearly anything you can think of. These can be printed out on a sheet of paper if necessary.

All in all, HR Tracking Database Software gives you the possibility to thoroughly manage employees and everything there is to know about them. The simple design makes it easy to use and the amount of categories it covers assures you that no detail is left aside.

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